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What can you do to improve your oral health care and keep your smile healthy and bright? Not only can you improve your cleaning methods you use to keep your teeth beautiful and your gums shining, but you can improve the foods and drinks you consume and the preventative treatments and habits that can go along with it. Listed below are some helpful tips to improve your oral health care and to keep your smile beautiful:

– Do you know and maintain a detailed log of your medical history?
– Do you follow the instructions from your dentist?
– Do you eat healthy and nutritious meals daily?
– Do you attend checkups with our dentist at The Art of Dentistry including your bi-annual professional cleanings?
– Do you keep your eating and cleaning tools to yourself and never share them with others?
– Do you avoid sugary foods and drinks that can cause tooth decay and harm your health?
– Do you use cleaning products after eating to limit the risks of tooth enamel loss, or use sugarless gum or mouthwash?
– Are you cleared of all eating disorders?
– Do you avoid snacking between mealtimes or late at night?
– Do you avoid products that can damage your teeth and gums such as lip, tongue, and mouth jewelry?

These questions are important to ask because it can give you a status of how you are doing with your personal oral health care. If you have questions about your oral health care, or would like to come in for a professional cleaning, please call us today at 972-441-8199 to set up an appointment with Dr. Van Parham in Irving, Texas. Our team of professionals stands ready to take your call.