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Do you want to protect your smile while you are active this winter? If so, our The Art of Dentistry dental team is happy to help you! There are many winter sports that could harm your oral health, which is why we encourage you to wear a mouthguard while you participate in them. The winter sports we encourage wearing a mouthguard include:

Basketball: Basketball is a high-contact sport that poses a high risk of tooth injury. If you’re not careful, the basketball, an elbow, or a knee could hit your mouth with such force that it injures your smile. This is why it’s best to wear a mouthguard while playing.

Wrestling: Wrestling is another high-contact sport that could harm your mouth. Because of the close proximity between you and your opponent, there is a high chance a body part could hit your mouth and injure or knock out a tooth. For the best protection possible, wear a mouthguard.

Hockey: As you may already know, there are times when opponents can slam into you while you are playing hockey. This can severely harm your smile if you’re not careful because a shoulder or even a head could damage your teeth and gums. Also, there is a chance that the puck could soar through the air and hit you in the mouth, resulting in pain and injury. So, it’s best to wear a mouthguard.

Sledding: If you are traveling to a snowy location, there is a chance that you could crash on the sled or even hit into another sledder, resulting in serious injury. It’s best to keep your teeth protected with a mouthguard.

Snowboarding/Skiing: Like sledding, snowboarding and skiing are not high-contact sports, but there is a chance you could fall or crash into someone while you’re speeding down the mountain. You could also crash into a tree if you’re not cautious. So, it’s smart to snowboard and ski with a mouthguard.

If you wear a mouthguard while you participate in these winter activities, you’ll be on the right track toward protecting your smile this season. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about the mouthguards available in Irving, Texas, please call our office today at 972-441-8199 and talk to your dentist, Dr. Van Parham, or a member of our dental team.