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A lot of people seem to have a hard stance, one way or the other, on the value of fluoride in your smile. From whether or not it actually helps to the health benefits it may or may not have, a lot of people question the value of fluoride. However, Dr. Van Parham here at The Art of Dentistry in Irving, Texas, highly recommends fluoride use. Let’s look at why.

Why fluoride?
Fluoride is great because it’s an all-natural substance which, when you use it properly, has the ability to strengthen your enamel and stimulate better overall oral health. Enamel is the hard outer layer on your teeth and it’s absolutely vital in protecting your teeth from cavities and other potential tooth decay issues.

How can I get it?
Fluoride is easily added to a diet through the use of fluoride tablets, toothpaste, or fluoride tablets. However, if your city water doesn’t have fluoride added to it, then you can easily get fluoride tablets from your dentist, and it’s recommended that you also use a fluoride toothpaste in your oral health routine as well.

How safe is it?
Some of the concerns raised over fluoride are whether or not it’s a health hazard. So if you’re worried about that, don’t be, because it can have hugely positive impacts on your oral health, including working wonders for your younger children. Since kids are known for having less-than-great oral health, this can really help you avoid dental bills and cavity fillings.

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