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Got teeth that are chipped or have other minor issues? If so, some dental bonding may be able to fix the problem. If you would like to know how it is applied to your teeth, we can describe the process for you.

First, we get the composite resin started. This material is what the bonding is made from, and it has an amazing ability to mimic the color of teeth. It can come in different shades, so our dentist, Dr. Van Parham, can make it match your particular shade of teeth.

Before applying the bonding, the dentist may roughen up the areas where it will be applied by just a bit. The resin can stick to rougher surfaces better than smoother ones, so the chance of it falling off can be reduced.

Once the teeth are prepared, the dentist lays the bonding on them. The dentist may use an ultraviolet light to cause the resin to harden into place.

To make sure it has the right shape, the dentist may etch the bonding. The dentist can carefully shape the material so it has the physical appearance of your teeth and does not distract people from your new smile.

If your teeth are in need of a fix, we are happy to help you here at The Art of Dentistry in Irving, Texas. We can provide you with dental bonding or one of our many other services, and we look for the one that can help you smile best. You can get in touch with us easily, as all you need to do is call 972-441-8199.