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Are you familiar with what a dental bridge is and how it can dramatically improve your smile? Dental bridges are highly reliable tooth prosthetic devices that can be used to replace missing or lost teeth to ensure a complete dental profile is possible once more.

Dental bridges, also known as fixed partial dentures, are applied into your mouth by connecting a prosthetic to a nearby or neighboring tooth. Once they are anchored into place, a dental bridge is held solid by relying on other nearby teeth to ensure that slippage does not occur. Furthermore, dental bridges can help restore hindrances that may have occurred due to missing teeth, including issues with your chewing, speaking, or eating abilities. If that wasn’t enough, dental bridges have you been shown to help restore bite stability, provide space maintenance between teeth and can restore the look of your smile. By having a complete smile via prosthetics such as dental bridges, you can help reshape your dental profile and correct issues associated with a sunken in dental profile common with jaw structures that are missing teeth.

Now is a great time to visit the dental office of The Art of Dentistry for the application of a dental bridge. Dr. Van Parham and our team at our office in Irving, Texas, is here to ensure you receive the tooth restoration attention you require to keep your smile in peak condition. We can be reached by contacting us at 972-441-8199.