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Have you ever felt like your teeth are extremely sensitive or are suffering damage that you may not see? It is entirely possible your teeth are being damaged on a microscopic level, which is why you should always clean your teeth effectively every day and visit your dentist for routine examinations. If dental erosion is occurring, holes in your teeth may be present, which are known as cavities. To treat cavities, tooth restorations in the form of dental fillings will be required.

Dental erosion is a serious oral ailment in which harmful acids will damage your tooth enamel. If erosion occurs to the point that there is a hole in your tooth enamel, this is known as a cavity. Cavity prevention and treatment is essential to ensure your smile can continue to function as normal without the risk of losing your teeth. A highly effective tooth restoration for treating cavities is known as a composite dental filling.

Dental composite fillings also are known as tooth-colored composites, because they are designed to mimic the natural color of your teeth. This can be extremely beneficial for individuals who wish to avoid the metallic shine dental amalgams often display. In addition, composites are more preventative to tooth fracture than amalgams and can be used on extremely small cavities that dental amalgams cannot fix.

To keep your smile safe, composite dental fillings can provide your smile with the aesthetic charm of a tooth-colored filling without the use of mercury. This is important because many individuals are allergic to mercury or wish to avoid the substance altogether. In addition, composite fillings tend to be better sealants of the margins, which means they will not leak.

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