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While tooth enamel is a very hard mineral substance, it also has a microscopically porous nature. Healthy teeth have incredibly small pores in the tooth enamel. This helps protect the sensitive internal structures of your teeth, while also making it difficult for bacterial tooth decay to develop.

However, inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene routine can cause a gradual buildup of plaque acids in your mouth. If this acidic environment persists on a chronic basis, it could cause the mineral pores in your tooth enamel to expand.

As this continues, it can gradually expose the sensitive dentin layer inside your teeth, contributing to increased tooth sensitivity. This could also increase your risk of suffering from cavities and potential dental fractures.

Should Dr. Van Parham notice a problem like this during your routine dental checkup, he might recommend administering a fluoride treatment to bolster the mineral density of your tooth enamel.

This treatment plan might also include a prescription for daily use fluoride supplements. Many people prefer a concentrated fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse that you apply to your teeth right before you go to sleep each night.

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