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A complete denture is often the most effective way to restore your basic oral function without having to resort to the oral surgery involved in restoring multiple teeth with dental implant supported bridges. The removable dental appliance is custom designed by Dr. Van Parham and his staff specialists to match the remaining structure of your gums.

As the years go by it’s possible for some of the underlying bone structure to fade as your body absorbs the material. This condition which is known as oral atrophy can cause your dentures to feel progressively loose in your mouth

Early on you might be able to counter this effect by applying a little extra denture adhesive. This will help to ensure the tight bond while also keeping stray food particles from irritating the gums at the base of the dentures.

In time oral atrophy can start to progress. This is more likely to be an issue if you lost your natural teeth to chronic periodontal disease. In a case like this surgical intervention might be required to restore sufficient oral structure.

If you live in the Irving, Texas, area and you have oral atrophy concerns you can always call 972-441-8199 to speak to Dr. Van Parham or the staff specialists at The Art of Dentistry.