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Everyone on planet earth has, at one time or another, experienced a condition called “dry mouth.” It is a problem that usually only surfaces when anxiety takes hold.

Say, you are giving a presentation at work, or delivering a speech at a convention. Maybe, you’re chatting up a potential paramour, or talking to someone you admire. When you get nervous, your mouth dries up and you start croaking like a frog. An embarrassing situation to say the least, and not at all uncommon. But, if it becomes something that happens more often than not, you may have a more serious condition called xerostomia, the term for chronic dry mouth disease.

The healthy person should be making around 3 pints of lubricating saliva in their mouths each and every day to accomplish the various tasks that it does. That is a lot of spit—nearly half a gallon! When your salivary glands shut off or don’t produce enough, you’ll soon have problems with eating, swallowing, digesting, speaking, bad breath, dental decay, and more.

There may be specific things that are potential sources of the problem including: Stress, smoking, certain medications, cancer therapy, autoimmune diseases, to name but a few. It may take a consultation with your dentist to figure out exactly what the cause is and how best to treat it.

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