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All great smiles begin with saving your teeth. If your teeth are not cared for and properly maintained, your entire smile will suffer. The first step in maintaining your teeth is proper oral health care.

If your oral health care has not been up to par, or if you have suffered an oral accident, you may be in need of cosmetic dentistry. One of the finest procedures The Art of Dentistry can offer to salvage your damaged teeth and prevent further harm from taking place, is dental crowns.

Here are some examples to determine if dental crowns are right for you:

– Do you have any broken teeth that are split or cracked?
– Has it been longer than six months since your oral exam at The Art of Dentistry?
– Do you have any tooth irregularities?
– Do you have weak teeth that are damaged or frayed?
– Do you want a better smile that is fuller and brighter?
– Do you have any dental bridges or dental implants you wish to cover?
– Do you have any teeth that are at high risk for tooth decay?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, dental crowns custom-fitted by The Art of Dentistry could be the treatment you are looking for. To schedule an oral exam with Dr. Van Parham, please contact our office at 972-441-8199. Our office is in Irving, Texas. Come in today and make your smile great for tomorrow!