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Have a cracked, discolored or chipped tooth? Have no fear; try a veneer! Here are two typical introductory questions and answers about veneers:

What is a dental veneer?

A veneer is a tooth-like sheet made of white durable porcelain which is adhered to your natural tooth to restore what has been lost.

What is the process of getting a dental veneer?

First, Dr. Van Parham will examine your tooth and decide what dental restoration would be right for you. If your tooth is strong at its core but chipped, cracked or discolored on the edges, a veneer will probably be the best option for you. Dr. Van Parham may be able to fit you with a temporary veneer immediately or very soon afterward. As for the permanent veneer, an impression will be taken of your mouth. After you leave, we’ll take this to a dental technician who will create your custom permanent veneer. Were you thinking of investing in a teeth whitening treatment? Please take care of that before you get the permanent veneer. You see, porcelain can’t be bleached the same way as a natural tooth, so before the veneer is created, you’ll want to know the right shade to match it to your natural teeth.

Once everything is ready, Dr. Van Parham will take out the temporary veneer and he will adhere the permanent veneer to your tooth with a special durable dental superglue.

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